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Of Reading A ?Random Post

Originally posted on Becoming The Muse:
Time Travel To A Random Post On My Blog I have been posting on this blog for what feels like forever, there’s close to 1000 articles spanning 9 years…. This is where I live out My Immortality and sometimes I worry my older content will go unread….  Of course,…

Welcome to the ?Random Raiders! blog

Nothing to see here; move along, move along… This blog is (currently*) intended for reblogs of posts that help to promote this ?Random Raiders! microsite. If you’ve written such a post, please let me know, either by leaving a comment here or by using the contact page on Wibble so that I can reblog itContinue reading “Welcome to the ?Random Raiders! blog”

The blog-driven time machine

Originally posted on Wibble:
The blogosphere is one massive creative content continuum. Most of us only live on the front edge of the ever-expanding wave, but there’s a wealth of diversity hidden below, accessible by a single magic word: That word is ‘?random’. When I’ve been visiting other blogs lately, I’ve been following up on…